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Walkthroughs and guides serialized as blog posts.

Performance Hacking .NET

A collection of posts sharing tips and tricks for writing high-performance code

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Logging and Debugging High Throughput Services

A collection of posts sharing lessons learned working on very busy services.

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Fun with System.Text.Json

A collection of posts written while developing with JSON serialization on .NET Core 3+.

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Decrypting Apple Pay Payment Blob Using .NET

Walkthrough for decrypting Apple Pay Payment blob using .NET.

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Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET

Walkthrough for configuring Apple Pay certificates using .NET.

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OpenTelemetry Integration

Part of the series: Logging and Debugging High Throughput Services Update: The code discussed in this post is now available on GitHub. The logging we have been talking about is great for analysis, but sometimes you want something even easier. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that could just show us what […]

Enumerator performance surprises

Part of the series: Performance Hacking .NET How many times have you written a foreach statement? Probably too many times to count. How many times have you worried about the performance of that statement? Probably never. That. Changes. Now! Behold these benchmarks: See anything in there that would scream performance issue? Look carefully, I dare […]

DynamicMethod as a high-performance alternative to Reflection

Part of the series: Performance Hacking .NET Update: The code discussed in this post is now available on GitHub. Reflection is great. I have used it many times to solve the unsolvable, as I’m sure you have. But it is slow! Isn’t it? I mean… it has to be, right? It’s doing things at runtime […]

Performance Hacking .NET

.NET isn’t a performance-first platform. It’s a productivity platform! Its goal is to allow us to write a bunch of business logic quickly without having to worry about the micro-details. Your code should just work, and be reliable. For the most part, this is a GOOD thing. My advice is to embrace that you don’t […]


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