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Fun with System.Text.Json

A collection of posts written while developing with JSON serialization on .NET Core 3+.

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Decrypting Apple Pay Payment Blob Using .NET

Walkthrough for decrypting Apple Pay Payment blob using .NET.

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Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET

Walkthrough for configuring Apple Pay certificates using .NET.

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System.Text.Json DateTime & DateTimeOffset “\/Date()\/” serialization

Part of the series: Fun with System.Text.Json I was working on porting some code to .NET Core that has to call a whole bunch of external services. The external dependencies are all over the map, .NET Core, Web API, WCF, and some stuff I’m not even sure what it is using. One of those services […]

System.Text.Json TimeSpan serialization

Part of the series: Fun with System.Text.Json I was working on porting some code to .NET Core that has a batch process running at a configurable time of day. Naturally, the time is configurable, so I put a TimeSpan on my options object and added a string time in my JSON settings “02:00:00” for 2am […]

Fun with System.Text.Json

In the summer of 2019 I was messing around with Cosmos DB on Azure. The goal at the time was to investigate it as a potential document store for the product I was working on. Usually, if I’m prototyping, I’m doing “latest and greatest” tech stack, because, why not? At the time that was .NET […]

Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET – Part 2: Combine the Apple-signed certificate with the private key

Series intro: Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET At this point, we’ve uploaded our “payment processing” and/or “merchant identity” CSR to Apple (or had our merchant do that on our behalf), Apple has signed our CSR using their CA (Certificate Authority) private key, and we have downloaded the final Apple-issued certificate (.cer extension) to our […]


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