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Walkthroughs and guides serialized as blog posts.

Logging and Debugging High Throughput Services

A collection of posts sharing lessons learned working on very busy services.

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Fun with System.Text.Json

A collection of posts written while developing with JSON serialization on .NET Core 3+.

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Decrypting Apple Pay Payment Blob Using .NET

Walkthrough for decrypting Apple Pay Payment blob using .NET.

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Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET

Walkthrough for configuring Apple Pay certificates using .NET.

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TimeSpan.Parse(“24:00:00”) may surprise you!

The other day a dev asked the team I’m on for help with a caching issue they were having. They were putting things into the cache, with an expiration time, but it wasn’t refreshing at the expected time. We recently switched our caching from memcached to Redis so we just assumed this was a bug […]

Working with your log data

Part of the series: Logging and Debugging High Throughput Services You can get by with log files. Supporting our payment gateway product we did that for years. But as the transaction volume grew, so too did the log volume. We added servers to accommodate the load and new services to drive functionality. Each time it […]

Structured logging & message correlation

Are you writing log messages like this? I’m going to refer to that as “traditional logging” here because we all used to write messages like that. They are great for debugging! If you’re not doing this, it’s a great place to start. Basically, if we have an issue, we pull our log files and then […]

.NET Core Service Debugging UI

Part of the series: Logging and Debugging High Throughput Services For a little more of the background behind this, check out the series landing page. The short of it is we have a payment gateway service that is made up of a bunch of Windows Services, mostly WCF but some WebAPI in the mix. Six […]


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