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Decrypting Apple Pay Payment Blob Using .NET

Walkthrough for decrypting Apple Pay Payment blob using .NET.

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Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET

Walkthrough for configuring Apple Pay certificates using .NET.

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Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET – Part 2: Combine the Apple-signed certificate with the private key

Series intro: Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET At this point, we’ve uploaded our “payment processing” and/or “merchant identity” CSR to Apple (or had our merchant do that on our behalf), Apple has signed our CSR using their CA (Certificate Authority) private key, and we have downloaded the final Apple-issued certificate (.cer extension) to our […]

Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET – Part 1: Generate a private key and a Certificate Signing Request to upload to Apple

Series intro: Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET Apple’s guide for configuration has two sections, one for “payment processing certificate” and one for “merchant identity certificate.” Both basically use the same steps: You generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) using the Keychain Access application on some Mac, upload it to Apple, and then download a […]

Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET

This series is a follow-up to the Decrypting Apple Pay Payment Blob Using .NET series already posted. Before you can decrypt an Apple Pay blob you must register a “payment processing” certificate with Apple. To really test the entire flow, you’ll probably also want a “merchant identity” certificate (used for getting blobs in the first […]

Architecture Tip: Mermaid Diagrams

If you are like me, you love coding. There is little else you would rather be doing. But that’s not the only thing we have to do, is it? There’s a lot of ceremony that comes with writing software. Ticketing systems. Documentation. Architectural diagrams. Emails. As we go along, less and less of our time […]


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